Do you have all the tools to build a successful career in landscape design?

LDA might be the best tool in your toolbox.

Why join the Landscape Design Association? 


Find out what’s happening in our industry through expert speakers on Design, Horticulture, Sustainability and Business Strategy. And here’s the best part: most programs are free to members.

Access timely news and state-of-the-art best practices through our interactive website.

Tour suppliers, gardens and nurseries to learn about the Green Industry first hand.


Share your experiences and learn from others through face-to-face dialogue and relationships with suppliers, contractors, and other green professionals.

Meet members who are specialists in irrigation, landscape lighting, paving, and construction as well as providers of nursery stock and landscape materials.

Volunteer your time and benefit greater connection to other members.


Benefit from free listing of your business on the LDA website under “Find a Pro”. Include your best photos, link to your website, your preferred work region, and specifics re what work you specialize in.

Our members have a vast network in the field. Benefit from LDA member direct referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Gain visibility by publishing articles in our newsletter and on our website.
  • LDA has been a supportive and inclusive constant since I started my business. It is gratifying to share resources, experience and knowledge with this group that has the highest standards of integrity and practice in our field. " - Kathy S.

  • LDA has been my best source for pricing information and best practices and has helped me be more profitable." - Ave Z.

  • Whether you've been designing for years or you're just getting started, the people you'll meet in LDA will inspire, educate, comfort and entertain you!" - Rinda W.

  • "How lonely my job would be without having peers in LDA to bat around ideas with, to learn from--or just have a laugh with." - Suzanne F.

  • "I totally credit the support of LDA in the furthering of my horticultural education, business savvy and strong collaborative relationships with other trade partners. The success my business is having today came from this vital group’s support! Thank you LDA. I look forward to meeting the up and coming generation of designers that we can mentor!" - Julia B.

Annual dues costs:

$100 for Full Individual Membership

$400 for Supplier Membership. Suppliers of landscape plants and materials benefit by having greater visibility among our members; the supplier logo will be displayed at the bottom of the LDA website. Suppliers are encouraged to submit articles for inclusion in our newsletter and send representatives to any of our programs and are often selected to be program panelists.

$300 for Firm Membership. Larger design firms may join LDA as a firm and send multiple designers to our programs.

$50 for Student Status. Not a full membership but $50 allows a student to attend all programs at the member cost for one year. (Most programs are free to members.) Please note your school on the application.

$50 for Associate Memberships (for employees of Full members)

The LDA membership year runs from January 1st – December 31st. Membership dues are not prorated, but applications received from September through December will apply to the upcoming year.

Please contact us if you have questions about the association.

Interested in Joining?

Our members are from diverse types of businesses in the landscape world. Our base membership is comprised of landscape designers and architects, many of whom are also contractors. We also have other members who offer services to designers and architects: irrigation, carpentry, lighting, nurseries . . . Collaboration among our members is common. We develop relationships with other members and suppliers during planned networking at our programs. Having face-to-face time with suppliers and other specialists produces better relationships and more reliable work.